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Bag for a Special Woman – It Is Her Signature, Power and Passion

Think about my bag


Dear readers, I suppose you are a woman or a girl! My world is especially about just adoring handbags. And I hope you are on the same path..that you just love to see and buy some gorgeous handbag now and then. This (now and then) turns to have dozens of various handbags and purses that I need to organize and store them properly.

Why do we like purses, what pulls us towards them, is it just a fashion accessory or is it something more? Something that determines a woman like her signature? Or is it attitude and expression in today’s world? How to be an authentic woman and express her style and beauty with this accessory? I would love to know what do you think!




Personally, for me, the bag is a definition of the day! Which bag shall I take this day? Shall I go out choosing first my clothes or my bag? Both are good choices, of course, it is essential to be in harmony, but I ordinary have the bag to determine the final shape or signature of the overall look. While I am drinking morning coffee, I do my make up and start thinking about which bag shall I take. Sometimes it goes the way that I decide about one bag and then at the last moment when I see myself in the mirror before I go out of the house, I change my mind and pick another. But it doesn’t matter because all my handbags and purses are like my children- I love them the same.






I don’t know about you, but I am mainly influenced by my bag for the whole day. As I said, I go to work in the morning, and I enjoy to look at how beautiful this little thing what I am carrying is. It makes me feel special, while I am passing some shopwindow I see myself in the mirror and usually think…oh (I don’t want to brag) but I have to say it is that little sweet thing that makes my day brighter, happier and I am satisfied with that.

show up with bagMany times in my work break, I just drop by to one of my favorite bag shop with the great successful owner of the shop and then I see some new bags, we chat about it. I usually see at least ONE bags that I would buy, but if I don’t make an instant bargain, I will leave it for another time. If it still waits for me, I usually buy

Influenced by bag







I prefer shopping in my favorite shops (3-4 shops in my town) where I feel comfortable like at my house. Many times, besides warm sellers- all nice and gorgeous women – I meet the same women and we have a little conversation about loving bags. I found out that many ladies really love their purses and just are drown to them. You just have to buy some new now and then. So, don’t think it is too weird to buy so many handbags. We just simply love to do it and if we can afford it (from time to time) just do it for yourself. smile

You can find new friends talking to other similar women. You can have your smile over your face in many days, which will raise your beauty.

It is not just a simple thing about we can chat, it is more than that! Because of the many benefits that it can bring out of us. Happiness, self-confidence, beauty and good vibrations!




If you are passionate about handbags, I am so glad to join us on this site. I would like to read your opinion.

If that passion is our strength to live happier, to enjoy life and to look at it with a brighter side than I can say that bags do have power. But underneath, I think some powerful women know her value and stand for her right.


In the next post I will try to elaborate some of my opinion about philosophic parallel between this connection. And I will try to give some hints about some bags that I wear and give you later the opportunity to shop if you would like through this site.

So for now, enjoy your bags, enjoy the life! Smile and be happy! Know that all the power lays in you so just show it in discent and lovely manner! For your fulfillment!




August 8, 2019 at 6:58 pm

Thank you for this article! Now I know what I could get a girl as a present, I never realized that handbags meant so much to a woman.

Wonder if I could win my way to her heart with a bag?

    August 9, 2019 at 5:57 pm

    I think women mostly love handbags. There is always an exception as in other things in life. You can try with bag; if she is cute one then find some cute handbag!! Good luck!

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