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About Vennie

About Vennie

My name is Vesna (Vennie – as my mum often calls me). I have two children and I work in the financial sector. I like all kinds of creativity in life.

Since a little girl, I was facing new ideas and creative expression. I like art, especially the decoupage and other techniques, painting nature (as amateur !!), I like to do herbarium and so on. As a mum, in the kitchen I like serving food, stacking the table for which I was in charge when I was a little girl in my family.

I can say that I also find a lot of creativity in the work I am currently working on.

As far as fashion and style concerns, I enjoy shopping and looking at the purses and handbags. As a child, I enjoyed playing with them. And now in these years, I always feel very happy when I buy a new bag. Or I look at them at least! I have dozens of purses in my wardrobe. My colleagues are joking and they smile when they see a new purse that I bring to the office. But there you can not – and I do not want to – help! Because I enjoy it! Purses are my passion! Creative passion! I can creatively express myself and I love to wear them and buy them!


Why Bags with signature

I find myself in middle age when there is a need to express ourselves stronger and more consistent. How to express your personality, creativity and transfer your ideas, stories, and experiences to people around you? How to speak what makes us united? Similar tastes, principles, ideas unite us. Also, the knowledge that every day, we learn something from good or bad experiences, and that makes us stronger and more powerful.

Here is the place that can unite ladies who love purses, but also who would like to read some lovely stories and news about purses and life at all.

I questioned myself: “Why do I like handbags, what pulls me towards them, is it just a fashion accessory or is it something more? Something that determines a woman like her signature? Or is it about attitude and expression in today’s world? How to be an authentic woman and express her style and beauty with a handbag?”

I summarize that the purse is our expression and signature, it talks about our personality in the way how we wear it. As much strength we have, the more purse is highlighted. And – visa versa – the more purse is noticeable, the more it talks about its owner s mood and feelings. That is how I see this relation. The purse is a story of itself and the life of the woman.

That is why I call this place Bags with a signature for Ladies. Each bag describes women. Women can express their feeling, proud and other aspects of life through the bag in the way she wears it.

Through that gorgeous fashion accessory, we can talk about many things in our lives.


Where do we go?

My dear Ladies, this site is intended for all women who love purses, the other one who wants to relax and have fun, look at some interesting texts and also who want to perhaps buy some gorgeous or plain purse as I can recommend.

But more than anything, let us all have an opinion to celebrate life, to have joy in it and look it through the colors of the purse (golden, white, red, black, colorful). Because of all this, life is. Let us wear beautiful purses (for those who enjoy it) in the way of a top-of-the-day experience, with a fulfilling and happy smile!

We all as women deserve it, and only we can make our life bright! Every thought and thing (in this case – purse!) that makes us happy, can change not only our lives but the lives of many around us. This site can also grow into true support to women in all other issues in life, to show how strong and powerful women are. (So this bag as a symbol also has the power – allegorically speaking – to express the woman herself).

Enjoy and have fun, and you can also look at some of the links and shopping recommendations!

All the best,



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