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Philosophy and Power of Women – Express Ourselves (Give Us Signature) with Our Special Bag!

Expressing myself



As a woman, especially it comes to express ourselves in the middle ages, I wonder who I am, where do I go, what is my life purpose. Am I expressing real me? In that context, many things can be linked.

I realize that I am a being that is not only having a physical body but I do live on many levels (emotional, mental and spiritual). But this physical manifestation is the result of our intentions and actions in the emotional, mental and spiritual dimension. What we are – we should express this, express ourselves. At least it should be. thinking

We are the expression of our path that needs to be realized and we should strive to be what we truly are. If we love bags, if we like to choose, buy and carry them, let us do it without any resistance. Of course, in reality, estimating our budgets but with the knowledge that it brings the inner satisfaction that illuminates our path and what we truly are. Among others, because we enjoy them, our bags are our signature.




What determines us or how do we determine ourselves? Are we exploring who we are, have we found out what we want to be? Do we live by the rules of others, society, families? Where can this go to? There are two ways of life for me. To live what I am or to survive!

Living what we indeed are – having an authentic signature – means to fight for it. Because our society and environment (even the closest) want to shape them in the way they want or how our families lived for ages. Therefore, when a woman reveals who she indeed is and wants to live in harmony with herself, her “life” usually faces obstacles because it is not following the wishes and needs of others around us – children, spouses, families or working environment. This consideration may exist at all levels of life. In the physical sense – if we love bags – and because we frequently buy them, it will perhaps cause laugh among colleagues, maybe wonder (How much money does she spend on such things? Maybe there is some complexity in her, etc …). The family often ask about the state of the budget and how much is it needed. But if such a wonderful thing as a bag is (allegorically) meaning of our authenticity, then it determines me and I will not give up of what I am. The same, I will not give up other essential things and wills in my living life.

So the power of women lays in her authenticity, in her fight for herself, and this is far away from selfishness. Because if I am satisfied and self -confident, then all surrounding will have benefit from real us. Those who don’t like this, it is their opinion, on which we can not influence.

So I would say this: “The handbag has the power!”

Handbag has power



Why do I like to wear different bags? I believe this is something we naturally have in ourselves-something inside that leads us to something (or somebody). The story extends the most often from our childhood.

I’ve always “dug” my mum’s bag, wanting to see what she has in it. It was like some treasure was hidden in the bag. I took out some papers, the wallet, the makeup, the comb, a notebook with some mum s reminders. And I could have done it endlessly, many times. That was a special tie for me. Later I had several bags for playing that I constantly carried and kept “important” things in it. As a teenager, I already had a small leather purse (brown) that I have kept till today.

Beauty of womenSo I think this is the connection between what we carry in ourselves and what makes us natural since our childhood. The handbag can be seen as a symbol of many other features, hints, and actions that we naturally need to nurture and keep in ourselves, to be natural or authentic, according to our personality.



Can we pull the parallel between this ordinary purse – its glamor, beauty and the way we wear it, and how much pleasure it brings when buying or carrying it… and the life in our authenticity as an individual (women)?

Without fear, I express what I am. I can not change that opinion. I want to say that this world is a variety of ways, and I have to accept that there are different opinions, tastes, and people. On the other hand, there are similarities with many, and it connects us. And here we can see how beautiful and diverse this world is. When we realize that living what we are, naturally brings to us the greatest joy, then we can say that we are on the right path. Then others around us will also have the benefits of ourselves. If I live in the way that others seek or if I put myself in a different plan and I do not allow myself to realize my potential then it leads to various disorders and problems in life. Every problem exists to be solved so that we can ultimately realize our full potential and live life with joy.

If you love bags, it will help you to be happier, to shine brighter, just because it brings the smile at your face. So then, enjoy it and change the moment toward beauty, love, and self-expression.



When we become aware of our needs, desires, the path that is ahead of us, we will have no fear of going to work. I’m going to express myself through my style – to carry what I do, which seems to me to be nice. I will not copy other and other lifestyles; I may be compared because it is good for insight. But I decide to be my own, the original, and what I truly am. In the context of the purse, I will buy a bag that I like (which is nice, that fits on certain combinations of clothes, which is practical, which is convenient, which is expensive because I love it). If I like expensive bags I have a reason for this, and if my budget allows me, is there any better chance of expressing myself? On the other side, there are many gorgeous, for me more acceptable purses (in price) that I adore to wear because simply they are so pretty! Each bag has the power to express the beauty of a woman, and it is in the way that a woman wears it. And when she wears a specific bag, with smile and confidence, that adds value to that purse! So this, what I feel, is the connection between woman and purse – my philosophy! And that tie can be applied to the connection of women and any other things or situations in life.

Be who you truly are! Live your life, do not just survive!

Live your life

Much joy and love!


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