the history of handbags

The History of Handbags, an Overview

This contemporary and modern and colorful expression or what I call the signature of a woman has evolved through history. Here’s how…



According to online sources, which are indeed modest, I will briefly interpret the development of our favorite items and add their review of the history of the handbags. history of bags

In ancient Egypt, the first bags were worn by men, mostly around the waist. Their role was functional – to transfer smaller items so that their hands were free to perform other necessary actions. For centuries, bags that were closed with rope were all used to relocate various smaller items (coins, etc.). With the appearance of sewing pockets on clothes, men stoped using their bags.




Finally, in the 16th century, purses have gained their true role as they still have. It is the role of carrying things for ladies, the role of beautification and, with the development of society, the role of prestige. It is interesting, that in the 16th century, it was popularized the so-called Chantelaine wearing chain (the forerunner of today’s purse). It was worn by women attached to a skirt near the waist. Chantelaine had an ornamental buckle on top, with several chains lying down and at the ends of which there were various items (knives, scissors, sewing accessories, etc). This role of chantelaine was both functional and aesthetic.

In the following centuries, much creativity in the world of handbags was being developed. Young ladies were making, painting and sewing artworks, especially in France and England.



With the development of society, in the 19th century an English entrepreneur Samuel Parkinson, made for his wife to produce travel bags that could with their size and quality endure many of their travels. At this time, the first designer handbag was created by H.J. Cave for the same Mrs. Parkinson. Inspired by this work, there come on the light of the day famous designers of bags Louis Vuitton and Guccio Gucci.

louis vuitton

In the 20th century, there is real growth in the design and making of the handbags. Fashion designers create models that are still sought after and very expensive (Hermes Kelly, Fendi Baguette, Lady Dior, Louis Vuitton, Hermes Birkin, Chanel, Gucci, Prada, Yves Saint Lauren).

But besides this glamorous world of bags that I had not discovered so long ago, I would go back to our “ordinary purses” that, as I said, do not necessarily have to be expensive to show me who I am.



Naturally, there are questions that we are asking ourselves when we love something, here we are about the accessories that we love to wear or show and combine, to make our daily outfit look the way it should be or the way we want it. I asked myself where it came from and how that interesting object of our worship was created. And as I was researching this topic, interpreted the data, I can summarize that the bag, in today’s sense as a female expressive addition, for some status symbol, for other final stamp or signature on the daily look, has got the real role only about for two centuries. The remaining history was in the pure function of transferring objects and most of the centuries were used and worn by men.

freedomIt could be said that, as in the history of civilization, and with the development of society, the women took over the purse when they became stronger and more self-conscious to use their rights and when women became “historically equal.”

(If I may say, in my opinion, women have always been equal with the men. And when their roles are healthy split, there is no reason to discuss equality).




As far as my bags are concerned, and I believe in your too, each of my bags has its own history. And by that, I also make differences among them. One was shining at the wedding of my close friend when I was wearing my summer dress. The other reminds me of the journey when I bought it. The third tells the story of a lousy laugh in one of my “favorite boutiques” where, as I could not decide to buy between two, I bought both handbags. The fourth is historically tied to my friend and the shop she was working in (pitty that she no longer works there) and she would let me know that the ONE was 50% off (and then I decided to buy it). Or the situation when I want to shake off my head during a break, raise my mood, then get into a favorite shop and look at the purses and buy a nice “flower” bag flower bagthat immediately makes me feel good…

So every bag for me has a special meaning and history, and it is precious for me. This is not about expensive bags. It is about my personal vision of beauty and value that can be interpreted in this context on the things I love. I believe that many will agree that there are so many beautiful situations and memories that will bring a warm feeling and smile on our faces when we talk about the history of our bags. Because that is what we are, purses as our expression, memories that refresh us, bring smile and associate us on an event or moment. History is repeating … we wear and carry purses … we buy some new ones and go on! For me, it is better to live with them!

I believe that you, my dear ladies and girls, have wonderful experiences and memories with your handbags that you love, so I invite you to share your experience on this site.

Thank you and enjoy!


POWER (of women):)

e  f   i

a      s

r      d

l       o

s      m


Everything in the world that refresh you and make a smile on your face consider it worthwhile and do not give anyone to take away from you. That’s how we keep our integrity and keep ourselves to be what we truly are!


Note: pearls of wisdom  – this is a pearl or thought that sometimes comes to mind and will sometimes be found within a post just to add value to the written text. The intention is to finally emphasize the power of women; as a support to each other and the desire to look always ahead and in a positive direction.






Iva Ilisic
August 12, 2019 at 5:30 am

I love bags and fashion. Think most women are in to bags and this is a great site to read about them. I have difficulties find right bag and I think it is great to find some recommendations.
Will read this site in the future.
Thumbs up.

    August 12, 2019 at 5:27 pm

    Thank you, I am so glad that you like this site. I will try to put my thoughts, some fun and also plan to give some reccomandation about some nice and gorgeous bag I found. I plan to spice it up with a little support to the women’s world to bring out the best we have inside of us. Happy to have you here!!

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